Weekend Projects – We got “Screwed” while Helping Grandma Move

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I had a good time but after a few thousand screws I needed a break

Well… maybe we didn’t get “Screwed” but we sure did a lot of it, screwing that is.  This weekend the family got together and we helped my Grandma prepare to sell her house and move out.  She’s lived in this house for year so it was quite a production and there were still a ton of vivid memories of my grandpa because he built the house before he passed away in 1995.  In order to sell the house she needed a few repairs done so we packed all of the tools needed into the truck and trailer and set out for Grandma’s.

One of the biggest items that needed to be addressed was the decks… Now back in 1991 when the house was built the code allowed for nails to be used in the construction of a deck.  However, this has changed and the inspector wasn’t going to let these nails fly even though they were still in good shape – check out the pictures and you’ll see the nails were fine and no boards were even pulling up.  Regardless of this we were still required to re-screw the entire deck down…

We thought okay, it shouldn’t be to bad, but just to be safe our friend Hank who was helping brought along one of the coolest drills I’ve ever used.  This thing saved the day! After the first thousand screws we were so thankful to have this tool with us – The right tool for the job makes such a difference. The screw total was somewhere over 6,000.  Now I timed myself and the fasted run of 50 – what the clip held was 1:15.  I thought that was pretty good, only 1.5 seconds per screw!

Total the deck took two of us working together over 15hours!  What a project – but thankfully it’s done and the house is ready to sell.  Among the deck we also added some electrical in the basement, put a tempered glass window in the bathroom, adjusted the railings to make them tall enough, and added lattice to all of the railings to make the “Up to Code”  There was a team of friends and ladies from my Grandmas Church who all came and helped pack up her belongings while us guys were fixing up the place.  After all was said and done we had a jam packed weekend of Work, Good food and fellowship, a few laughs and a few tears, but Grandma will be able to enjoy and keep up on a smaller house.  We just need to figure out where to have Thanksgiving and Christmas now… I’ll let ya’ll know when we decided.

Check out the video of me using the sweetest drill ever!

Here are some more pics from the drive – What a beautiful time of year to take a drive!

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