‘Tis the Season – Christmas Will Be Here Soon and I’m Getting Ready

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All Natural – Hand Made Ornaments created from the U.P. Woods

Marquette, Michigan – (October, 22nd) This week Cori and I started to prepare for Christmas by making some ornaments for our Christmas tree.  It’s interesting to me how different families have different Christmas tree styles.  My family usually has a large tree outside that we decorate with colorful lights and then watch as it gets covered in snow and just a small tree inside if any.  Cori’s Mom on the other hand has a tree in the house that is decorated with all natural ornaments, that were hand made by the family and came from the woods somewhere in the U.P.

This year will be Cori and My first year in the new house we bought this summer in Marquette.  So… we need to outfit a full tree’s worth of ornaments in the next month, and we have started!  This also means that Christmas music was being played, and yes played very loudly for all to hear in the house!  Cori would listen to Christmas music all year long if I’d let her 😉 I guess there are worse things.

I’ll continue to post updates as we make more ornaments and approach the big day where we pick out and put up our tree.  The pics below are just the first batch.

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