I went to buy a new Ice Scraper – Bring on the Snow

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Marquette, Michigan  –  (October, 24th)   It Snowed… Yes, there was snow was stuck to my windshield this morning.  Lucky I was a smarty pants a few days ago when we received our first snow of the season.  I though “Hmm, I should get a new scraper since my last one is broken, M.I.A or someone stole it.”  However it happened… I didn’t have one for the first snow fall.  So, I stopped into my favorite Big Box store and picked up the Biggest, Meanest Ice Scraper I could find.  It has a metal shaft that extends to 60 inches long, stiff bristles, a squeegee on one end, and has a serious Heavy Duty scraper on the other.  (That’s what I call the “Business End”  –  This thing is Mean!)

I was so happy to have a chance to use it I scraped the ice off of both my wife’s and my car this morning.  Plus, I brought it into the Studio to ask it a few questions, or at least for a silly picture  🙂

I know the U.P. winters will keep my scraper and I busy, but that’s alright.  A warm and freshly cleaned off vehicle, and a hot mug of coffee can get you through most winter mornings.

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  1. Very funny Pics. It looks like a solid scrapper.

    todd n
    October 25, 2013 at 8:06 am

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