“The Birds” are Plotting against Country Music

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Marquette, Michigan  –  (October, 25)   I was driving into work and as I approached the Radio Station, I saw what reminded me of a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock horror movie – “The Birds”  This old horror film is so creepy, so icky, and just down right vile.  I don’t like birds, I think they are Dumb, plain and simple.  Sorry Bird Lovers but I’m a dog guy.  AND – When it comes to towers I really don’t like birds.  It’s part of my job to climb Great Lakes Radio’s Towers and I don’t appreciate grabbing onto a rung that a bird had just been on, if you know what I mean…

Here are a few pics that I took as I drove up to work and a video of the birds tweeting at me when I got out of the car.  Wow – did they make some noise.  I can’t even imagine a flock as big as what was in “The Birds”.

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