LED Lights can be Fun

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Cute Little Kid in a Sweet Costume

I found this video on Youtube.com the other night when I was looking up some DIY Lighting videos for a weekend project around the house.  Who knew L.E.D. lights could be fun.  These little Diodes are super bright, I have so many LED flashlights – I just love them.  I plan to put some in our kitchen under the cabinets where there always seems to be a shadow.  Our kitchen has one big light and fan in the middle which in nice when you’re working over the sink or in the center of the room, but when you turn to the stove or other counter tops it’s just too dark.

Now they have LEDs in just about everything.  I just saw some L.E.D. Christmas lights, think you’ll never have to replace one of those little bulbs again.  Imagine your Christmas light strips just working when you plug them in.  Enjoy this video and have a happy Halloween!

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