New Money in the U.P. – Ben Franklin Has My Back as Emergency Cash

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My Emergency Money – Cash is King

Marquette, MI – I have $100 dollars in my pocket today!  While it’s rare for me to pocket a Hundred,  I do always carry some cash in case my debit card doesn’t work.  They stop working at the worst possible time and I don’t want the hassle or embarrassment of that.  So, I always carry a little Cash.  I saw this Hundred while I was taking out some money and though WOW, what is this Monopoly Money, or a Euro…  that’s crazy looking.

Everyone who I’ve talked to and shown this One Hundred Dollar Bill to thinks the same thing.   Tobi our German Exchange student brought some Euros over with him in August and the new U.S. design and the Euros look very similar.  The more I look and play with it the more I like it.

I think it’s a good thing to improve our currency and make it harder for it to be counterfeit.  After all – Cash is King.  I found this site that talks about the new $100 Note  The blue bar is 3D and felt like plastic to me, kind of cool but also weird!



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