No Shave November – Are you Jealous of My Big Beard?

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My No Shave November Beard kept me warm Deer Hunting

Marquette, Michigan  –  It’s November and one of my favorite times of the Year.  It’s getting cold out, it’s deer hunting season, it’s almost turkey time, AND  – It Is No Shave November.

I wear a full beard all year long but keep it short, neat and tight to my face.  My beard clipper setting is 5 (Just for your reference).  When it gets long my wife Cori says it tickles her nose so I try to keep the peace and stay on top of trimming it.  But… when it’s November all bets are off and I’m growing this baby out.   Cori is such a sweetie about my beard though, she sent me a few funny pictures of beard related facts and styles.

The Beard Facts below is amazing and the traits listed are actually quite accurate of bearded individuals.  I like that a beard “Acts as a homing beacon attracting the jealousy and admiration of the beardless!”

Guys don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, when November rolls around let ’em grow.

Luke-Beard-Facts Luke-Great-Beards-Great-Respnosibility