Winter is Coming and So is The Best Food from The Garden

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Luke Carrots from the Garden Winter Food 01

Fresh home grown Carrots make for Great Winter Food

Marquette, Michigan  –   I can’t wait for the deep of winter.  You may think I’m crazy, but I really can’t wait until it’s Mid February -10 degrees outside and no one wants to do anything.

AND The reason is simple.  All summer long Cori and I tended to the veggies in the garden.  I don’t have any pictures of the full garden and we’re expanding it this summer anyways so it will be bigger and better than ever for next summer.  I do have pics from when we harvested a batch of carrots and let me tell you – these little buggers are delicious.

The middle of winter is when Cori makes some of the most incredible food.  She uses the vegetables that we grew the past summer for salsas (You should taste this stuff!), stew, soup, roast and so much more.  There is just something about using our own organically grown produce to make a dish taste out of this world.  We have a nice variety of meats as well from a local steer and hog that we bought this summer.  We are ready to eat this winter!

I love to eat, and Cori loves to cook – no wonder we are so good together.  I’ll keep you updated on the dishes she makes throughout the winter. You might be jealous of how good it looks though, and I can’t help you there – it’s all for me.

Cori jokes that she needs two forks to eat, one for her food and one to defend her plate from me! 😉

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