My Piano Fell to Pieces! – Heartbreak in Music Land

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Luke Piano DIY Project Bridal Strap - Heart Break

Luke Piano DIY Project Bridal Strap – Heart Break

Marquette, Michigan – I know pianos are responsible for some of the most romantic songs, and you almost always hear a piano play that famous one, as she walks down the isle…  But, I didn’t know that there was a part in the piano called the “Bridal Strap”… This must be where all of those sappy love songs are conceived, yup, right here in this area of the piano, and mine is broken…

All joking aside (because I could go on about sappy love songs) I have some new Bridal Straps on order.  A whole pack with 2 extras was only $13 bucks.  Not to bad to put my piano back it touch with it’s softer side…

These straps hold the action in place and help return the keys back to the proper position.  I’ve never changed a bridal strap before but am excited to get my piano back up and running, and my plan is to before Christmas so .


I though this famous Patsy Cline Song – “I fall to pieces” was fitting!

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