Frog Legs are Tasty but I’ve never had a Frogsicle

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Negaunee, Michigan  – Working outside in the “Polar Vortex” last week I notice a tasty treat… well, I guess it didn’t look very appealing at all.  We finally got the tractor we were working on to start up and move and under the tire was a freeze dried frogsicle.  I picked him up and had a good laugh, it brought short relief to the freezing cold.

Maybe I should keep him until summer and try to re-hydrate him and see if he hops back to it!  This is not the first Frog or Toad that I’ve seen in a dehydrated condition, although it’s normally from heat and not cold.  Think of our frozen friend this summer if you get a chance to eat some delicious fried frog legs.

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