This Red Light Keeps 103-FXD On The Air!

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Marquette, Michigan  –   You’ve heard the saying that “S#@& Happens…”  Well in broadcasting we know all about it, and do our best to make sure that “Stuff” Never happens to the On Air system.  Who wants all the hits to stop rolling?  Not me!

Well, sure enough, sometime… it happens!  I noticed a problem a few days ago in the studio while I was hanging out doing the Country Scoop with Luke.  Eric had mentioned it to me earlier and asked that I check into it.  Sure enough, I found The Sticky Button, and this one is so important too.  Elmer uses it every Saturday night for American Country Gold and I wasn’t going to let there be a problem.  So I found a time when I could tear apart the board and after a few quick runs of solder we were back up and running at 100% .

These boards are incredible.  They work great and sound so good it’s worth a little maintenance to keep the music sound it’s best –  Especially on Elmer’s Show!

Eric liked it too and even played a request for me – Thanks Bud!

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