Huge Paper Airplane Takes Flight during Jason Aldeans Fly Over States

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Luke Huge Paper Airplane Fun around the Office 03

My HUGE Paper Airplane – Think Jason Aldean Fly over States

Marquette, MI – You probably think I’m working between talking on the Radio during the Country Scoop with Luke.  Well most of the time I am… but some times a song comes  on (Jason Aldean – Fly Over States) and I’ve just gotta move.  I’m sure most of you would just get up and dance, but I suck at dancing, especially to fast music so I applied my energy to another project.

Paper Airplanes!

As a kid I had a book with different designs, blueprints, and the philosophy on why planes flew differently.  Yes, even as a kid I read the directions first then attacked the project with vigor and I always had great flying planes because of it.  When I saw the large Pomps Tire calendar on the desk, I just couldn’t resist.  This thing soars like an eagle.  Might be the nicest and it’s certainly the largest paper airplane I’ve every crafted.

Now I just need to write a message inside of it and find someone to launch an air strike on!


I only had time for a quick video – Time to get Back to work – Hey someone has to keep the hits rolling….

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