Winter Grilling – Pefect Grilled Steaks in Sub Zero Temps

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Look at those Beautiful steaks. Two T-Bones, and Two Porterhouses

Look at those Beautiful steaks. Two T-Bones, and Two Porterhouses

Marquette, Michigan  –  The Secret to the Best Steaks Ever is…  What you didn’t actually think I was going to just give that away did you?  Okay, I’ll be nice and give you my tried and true tips for winter grilling.

My wife Cori loves to entertain.  This weekend she asked our friends Amber and Jon over, and talked me into grilling… yeah that was a tough one to do!  There is just something so satisfying about cooking on a grill that really gets me going (Hint – It’s the Fire!) and I must say – I’m quite good at grilling.

There are a few changes I make for winter to keep the steaks coming out perfectly.

I know it seems like a no brainier but… do not, Do Not, DO NOT, DO NOT skimp on Charcoal.  The cold temps suck the heat out of the grill and if there is a wind forget it.  You don’t want to fizzle out before the meat is done.

The wind or “W word” as I call it (The W word is a Tower Climbing Joke – We hate the W) can really slow things down.   Just give your self a few extra minutes and as long as you didn’t skimp on charcoal you will have perfectly grilled, juicy steaks, pork chops, chicken or veggies.

Tobi our German Exchange Student helped me grill a few weeks ago when it was -30 out.  The W word was whipping and it was already dark…  I doubled the amount of charcoal (remember what I said – no skimping here)  I would normally use and gave a little extra time.  The steaks and veggies from that night came out perfect and the smokey taste of summer from grilling them was defiantly worth the extra wait.

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