The Best Citrus Ever – These Can Sell for 8 Dollars Each

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I'm not sure what looks tastier. The Sumo or my cute wife Cori

I’m not sure what looks tastier. The Sumo or my cute wife Cori

What is the Best Citrus Ever?  A Sumo Orange!  I’m serious, if you’ve never had one don’t even think you know better than me!  To learn more about Sumo’s Check this site out.

When Cori and I were just in Milwaukee we stopped into a Whole Foods to grab a snack and stock up on a few products that we really enjoyed when we lived in Denver.  There were more than 10 Whole Foods in Denver and each had different selections and feel – We loved going grocery shopping!  The guy at the Whole Foods in Milwaukee said Sumos were only grown by one farmer in the USA and that some stores sell them for as much as 8 dollars a pop!  On a Supply and Demand chart… these things kill it!  Thankfully the Sumos at Whole Foods didn’t have an $8 price tag and we could afford to grab a couple of them.

Watch the video to see the spray from the oil in the skin.  My mouth was watering so much as Cori peeled it, and the truck smelled like we just ran over an orange tree.


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