Swirling Clouds – Big Anvils – and Circular Motion Began But Died as Storms Traveled Across Marquette County June 9 2012

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Marquette CountyFriday June 9, 2012 8pm – WOW! U.P. Weather was heating up.

“WOW said everyone at Gentz’s golf course.”

I also  said “WOW” as I was on my deck assembling a new grill and I just had to stop what I was doing for a while!

Just like the golfers at Gentzs, I stopped what I was doing and just sat down for a while and enjoyed the swirling clouds.  This was a tornado in the making.  But apparently the big pond called Lake Superior, must have toned it down with it’s cooler air.  It could have gotten hot, but fortunately cooler minds prevailed Friday evening around 8pm.

The clouds were churning and turning at 8pm Friday June 9 2012

The clouds had anvils and were swirling and looking very active


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