Is It Always True – When You Plant Beans You Get Beans

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When a friend or family member succeeds, gets promoted, or experiences an unexpected break in life, how do you respond?
Some people wonder, “What about me?”
Others criticize or say, “It won’t last long.”

But really, it seems the way you respond to other’s success will determine the level of your own success.

How do I figure this?  When I planted beans in the garden this spring, beans came up.  It is written that’s what will happen.

The Good Book of old says you will reap what you sow.  The old old apostle and teacher Paul wrote, “Rejoice with those who rejoice…”   That suggestion was recorded in Romans 12:15.

So basically, when you plant corn, you get corn. When you plant beans, you get beans. What you sow is what your reap. So if I apply this principle, the way I respond to other’s success will determine the level of my own success.

Same for you. Whether you respond in a negative or positive way, you are sowing seeds for your future.

Since scripture was written by dad for his kids benefit, I figure that’s why it tells us simply to “rejoice with those who rejoice.”

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It seems clear to me that God wants you and I to be successful. His commands are for our good. He doesn’t want jealousy or strife to enter our lives or rob me or you of His blessing.

SO Today, we should make it a point to find someone who is celebrating and celebrate with them. Let’s congratulate them on their success, no matter how small it seems in the natural.

Cause and effect…Tit for Tat… You plant beans, you get beans.

So Rejoice with those who rejoice, sow seeds of blessing, and open the door for victory in our own life in return!

So what do you think?

Have you tired this yet today?

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