Oh Good- 595 Not Going To Happen According to SAVE The Wild UP

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IshpemingJanuary 9, 2012 – Margaret Comfort, President of Save the Wild UP, sent in this Note of Victory for Save The Wild U.P.

Wow. I’m so relieved. The plans to build Rio Tinto’s haul road, CR 595, were dropped Friday.Silver Lake Overview

This $82 million 21.5 mile “road to nowhere” would have included at least 22 stream crossings, destroyed 25.81 acres of wetlands, and would need to be plowed and maintained by taxpayers indefinitely. This is a huge victory for taxpayers (and wilderness). Read more on our website.

And it’s all because of people like you.

Activists with Save the Wild UP and allied organizations united to call attention to this boondoggle. Adam Morhman went to his first EPA public hearing, while Northern students created stickers and signed-up up new people to get involved about the road. We at Save the Wild UP would like to especially thank Catherine Parker for her fearless and indefatigable work on this issue. We’d also like to thank Gabriel Caplett and the late Todd Warner of KBIC’s Natural Resources Department.

Our work isn’t over. We must continue to raise our voices to ensure that the Wild UP is protected and we can’t do it without you. Thank you for your continued support.


Margaret Comfort, President
Save the Wild UP


So what do you think?   Darn or Yeah?

One Response to Oh Good- 595 Not Going To Happen According to SAVE The Wild UP

  1. Yes, Save the Wild U.P. (STWUP) can claim victory, but not over the mine, or rio tinto… it is a victory over the citizens & workers of central & western upper michigan.

    The route is longer, requiring more gas which these people supposedly think is bad. The route negatively impacts people along the approved route, but these folks don’t consider people a factor apparently. The route is actually going to cost rio tinto LESS money. Remember, the mind did not want this as much as the surrounding communities wanted it… But the company, being a good citizen was willing to spend its own money to help build a road the county will eventually build anyway -albeit far in the future now.

    So the STWUPs have saved money ($40 million) for RIO TINTO, created a nightmare for drivers using county road 550, wright street, and US 41 from Marquette to Humboldt, and will create more gass emissions than would have been created… and they feel GOOD about that?

    I guess that makes as much sense as any of their arguments did!

    Dan Adamini
    January 11, 2013 at 8:38 am

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