The 47th Superbowl Was Exciting Football & The 75 Commerials Were Pretty Good Too.

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These Bud Clydesdale horses are amazing

These Bud Clydesdale horses are amazing

February 3, 2013 –  New Orleans  –  FUN Superbowl 47 Commercials!  The big kiss… Paul Harvey and The Farmer… We all know the commercials are the best part of the Super Bowl but yesterdays game was a thriller right down to the last 4 seconds. Both teams fought right to the end which makes for a great game.

OK, the commercials are fantastic too. We can’t neglect them, but naturally our family moves during the commercials. After all, commercials were simply built into television as perfect little pit-stops for us to refill on snacks and have bathroom breaks… And yes we were rubber necking bending our necks back to view the commercials.

Now that the game is over, you can spend Super Monday (and let’s be honest, Super Tuesday through Friday) catching up on the ads that make capitalism oh so awesome, funny and sometimes sexy. And these little 30 second spots deserve their moment in the spotlight considering their $4 million price tag.

Thanks to Mashables, here’s the link for all 75 of of them. I am featuring the Bud ad with the horses.

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