Munising Update

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The new steel guardrails!

Munising, MIJune 11, 2013  –  At the bridge over the Anna River in South Munising on M-28 construction has been underway since May 14th.

With summer finally here, traffic has doubled! The lines are longer now, but the wait is still only about 60 seconds. Today, the cement guardrails have been taken down and they are being replaced with new steel guardrails.

Another update from Munising…the mosquitoes have never been so plentiful! The ticks are jumping too! If you’re walking through the weeds you better check for ticks. We had three or four on us already!

Happy vacationing in Munising!

Stop by our studio’s in the Navigator Restaurant and say “HI” to Lonnie and George. Have an omlet while you’re there!


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