Come On Out And Get To Know A Few People From Harvey

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Harvey August 17, 2103 – Living in Isolation, Together by Kevin Taylor

Silver Creek Block Party Marquette

Silver Creek Block Party Marquette August 2012

Earlier this summer some friends from Marquette were relocated to Racine, Wisconsin due to a job transfer. We have had a growing friendship for the past couple of years. The first time we met was in Bonanza in Marquette. It was less than an impressive start to our friendship. I found out that they lived one block away from my home. In fact our homes directly faced each other. From my front porch I could look straight down the street and see their home!

A number of months after our initial meeting I saw a moving truck in their driveway. Later I discovered that they moved into town. When our paths finally crossed again a friendship quickly set in. I have to say that I have kicked myself a few times for not getting the friendship started earlier when I had the chance. They were so close . . . just a block away and now that we have become friends they are 5 hours away! I wasted so much time. Maybe you can identify with my story.

I wonder, how many really good potential friendships do you think you have missed because you didn’t take that first step?

Many of us have lived in our neighborhoods for years and years with out getting know any of our neighbors. We may not realize it but we are missing out on some fantastic opportunities to connect with some great people who could possible become wonderful friends. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t know how to get the ball rolling.” I understand.

Silver Creek Church Free Clothing shopping

Silver Creek Church Free Clothing shopping

Try this. Come to the Silver Creek Neighborhood Block Party and meet a few people from the community. There will be hundreds in attendance. You can introduce yourself to a few people and see what happens.

The Block Party will be Saturday, August 17th from noon to 5 p.m. and is held in conjunction with the National Night Out program.

For more information you can go to We will be giving away hundreds of backpacks, school supplies and children’s clothing. Every thing is free (including food and games). Come on out and get to know a few people from your community. See you there!

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