Wayne The Water Guy & Lisa at Norway Springs Make You A Fair Offer For Just Pennies

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Wayne The Water Guy in Escanaba

Wayne The Water Guy in Escanaba

Escanaba August 15, 2013 – Have you ever noticed that your kids would rather play than clean their room? And if you ask your parents they might say you were the same way. The real issue is as we grow up we still have that same tendency.

Norway Springs & Wayne the Water Guy wants to know, “Would you rather have fun, or spend hours cleaning those water stains that just won’t stay away?”

Now through end of August, Norway Springs & Wayne the Water guy will rent you a rust removal system for just $4.97 a month.

This is NOT a typo. Less than 5 dollars… now rent for just $4.97 a month!

Plus if you stop by the UP State Fair in Escanaba or the Dickinson County Fair,  you might win a $500 certificate to Richardson Jewelers.


Now what might you do with a $500 certificate from Richardson Jewelers?Norway Springs logo

See what I mean…a fair offer for just pennies!  Give Lisa a call at Norway Springs
at 1-800-Water04.

Or Call Wayne or Lisa at 800-WATER-04 and set it up

And remember to ask him to be registered for the $500 in jewelry.

Noway Springs and Wayne the Water Guy.   See ’em at the fair!

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