MDOT- Marquette Township – Gordon Foods- KBIC Gas Station – Dr. James Surrell Are Current Topics In Marquette Township

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Past Marquette Township Meetings With Busienss Association

Past Marquette Township Meetings With Business Association

Marquette Township December 18, 2103 –  Marquette Township MDOT Corridor improvements, the KBIC gas station, Dr. James Surrell and the new development next to Gordon Foods were all discussed at a luncheon meeting yesterday.

The Marquette Township Business Association president Frank Stabile has sent a Letter to Marquette Township Board  regarding the US 41 Corridor Improvement.  Marquette Township Planning & Zoning Administration Jason McCarthy,  recently attended a MDOT meeting in early December 2013. The meeting covered the entire corridor between Co. Rd. HQ (Walmart and Target intersection) traveling west to Brickyard Road. MDOT is currently gathering data to conduct a study that should be completed in July 2014. Once they gather data they will create digital modeling of the traffic flow through the corridor that will show different options to improve safety through the area. Frank Stabile expressed concerns that MDOT’s interest is in traffic flowing through the area, whereas the MTBA concerns lie with making it safer for traffic to the businesses in the corridor. Jason McCarthy said he believes that MDOT understands the need for continued business and he said projected Township growth will be considered in their calculations. Frank Stabile would like to see a meeting between the Township and MDOT that also includes the MTBA so they can see the models and proposed safety and traffic solutions.

The developing Lindberg-Owned property east of GFS was discussed with Up the Sky, LLC whom owns the property behind the Lindberg-Owned property. They are a group of Russian doctors from Chicago and they are using a Polish broker company and Jason said there is a bit of a language barrier. There is an issue with access where the new owners will need to buy into the access that is owned by Lindberg. This issue might force parties to go to court. Development is expected within 3-5 years

The KBIC Gas Station / Convenience Store project by Gander Mountain is moving along rapidly. Site construction is well underway. The planner said this facility should be buttoned up by spring.

Dr. James Surrell, M.D., local Marquette physician and author of the S.O.S. Diet book, will be the featured speaker at the Annual Meeting/Christmas Party January 21, 5:00 pm at Hudson’s. This night of comedy would be worth attending if you are a member of the business association.

To join the Marquette Township Business Association you could contact them by checking the web site at

Dr James Surrell MD SOS Diet

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