Eagles Return To Spring Lake Michigan In February To Build A Nest

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Spring Lake Michigan  February 11, 2014 –  The Eagles have returned and they are perching in the giant oak trees looking for a place to build a nest. These big trees tower over the lake.  These mighty oaks seem like they are 60-70′ high just like those tall tall tall pines South of Kenton, Michigan where it seems the woods feel untouched for many years.  I think wild life like big trees that tower over the landscape.

My mom has a home on Spring Lakes Michigan.  Traditionally, she sees eagles each February.  They return and perch in the oak trees right off her deck at her Spring Lake home.  These eagles are majestic and sometimes they will perch in an oak tree very close to the deck so close you can make out their features easily.

The eagles traditionally make a nest two doors down to the North of my mom’s home where the trees are a little thicker.  Each year they meet back in February and get started on their spring nesting plans.

This photo was taken by Micheal Carlson, my mom’s new neighbor, who is building a new ranch home on West Spring Lake Road. Even with the new construction, the noise and extra truck traffic hasn’t sent the eagles to a new nesting location.  The trees are all the same and the marsh is there and the eagles just seem to adapt to the added activity.

Eagle perching in Spring Lake Micvhigan returning in February to build a nest on Spring Lake

Eagle perching in Spring Lake Micvhigan returning in February to build a nest on Spring Lake

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