Yoopers Recorded with Tender Comments on Why They Love Their Mom

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Moms are so special. I feel we need to honor mom more often. Dinner and a carnation is good, a phone call better, a visit the best!  Wednesday morning we asked the question on our “Saving Show”on the Radio, “Tell us why you Love your Mom”.  We had over 30 people call during the 2 hour Shopping Show.  Every comment was special.  I’ve tagged a mp3 here with a few of the comments Amandalynn and Major Discount heard Live from Upper Michigan folks that love their mom!  On the Savings part, We go Live each Wednesday with the goal to save people 30-70% on name brand items. Yooper scan  save 30-70% money on 2,000 items from the Shopping Show upbargains.com.  It airs live on Sunny 101.9fm,  The Country Extreme 103.3fm WFXD ,  and on Power 92.7fm WPIQ. Also we stream the savings show at wfxd.com.

4 senior memebers of the family along with 3rd generation

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