Country USA Oshkosh is Loaded with Thousands of Country Fans with Tons Of Mud Underneath Their Feet

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Oshkosh – Saturday June 25, 2011 – Rain and mud has not dampened the country fans spirits. However every store within 50miles of Oshkosh are sold out of swamper mud boots.  Organizers put on an incredible festival. But after 4 days of rain, and like 30,000 people walking around, the clay fields have turned to mud.

We arrived as Ashton Shepard had just finished a set. So we watched fans slipping round in the mud as they were off to get carnival foods; snow cones, soda, deep fried Wisconsin cheese curds, and pop corn.

We found a seat on slightly higher ground and Josh Turner was just interviewed back stage and his turn to sing was right about sunset. The Grand Old Opry inducted him in recently which is a great honor. The highly acclaimed Lady Antebellum wraps up Saturday night at Country USA.


Despite the muddy conditions, the weather was nice, the family was together, and we had a fun time. And there goes the sun. Whoppieee…


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