Kelly Pickler Packs The House at Kewadin Sault Ste Marie, Michigan

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Sault Ste MarieJuly 9, 2011 – 1200 to 1400 attended the concert at Kewadin this evening. A 5 piece band backed up the brite, fresh singing of Mrs. Kellie Pickler.


Kellie Pickler under a super light show at Kewadin

Kellie Pickler just got married on New Years this year

She and her bands travel in two deluxe jet black Provost Coaches. These are deluxe coaches, big rigs powered by large diesel pusher engines. There were no signs on them indicating they were hers but they sure were.

They have a large semi tractor rig licensed from a company in Arizona hauling a lot of their stage gear such as their Hammond Organ, Yamaha Pro keyboards, Deville guitar amps, numerous drums with a double kicks, and a dozen electric and a dozen acoustic guitars.

I would think it would be easier and more comfortable for a touring band to haul their personal gear to each show so there would be no surprises once they arrive.


One of two Provost coaches for the band along with the truck from Arizonia to haul gear


Two large diesel powered coaches haul the band in comfort

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