Greywalls Golf Course Marquette Is Incredible For A Grudge Match

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Golf Grudge Match

Which team will hold bragging rights this year?

Marquette – July 21, 2011 – I just played the best golf course in Michigan located in Marquette. Grey walls as recently rated as the #2 course in Michigan but I rate it #1.

Marquette Golf and Country Club has two 18 hole courses to enjoy. At the entrance of the country club is the solid Heritage 18 hole course that thousands enjoy playing each year. But their recent completed project called Greywalls doubles the enjoyment of their classic Heritage course.

golf day

Perfect day to settle the score

I understand that in 2011 people from all over the world are flying into Sawyer International just to play this relatively new Greywalls. It never let’s up. There a 4 tees of difficulty from roughly 6000 to 7000 yards.

Three guys from Great Lakes Radio and a prominent Michigan based advertising agency executive played on Thursday July 21. Bill Tibor, Mark Evans, and Todd Noordyk from GLR. Inc. and Mike Toth owner of Michigan Spot Sales aggressively scrambled on this course from the blue tees.

Ring Leader Bill Tibor clearly set this up purely as a grudge match with two teams scratching for the lowest scores.

teeing off

This one's going for a ride!

15 holes happened and man to man the scores were tied. Mark proposed a little wager to spice it up. $20 pet man was agreed too. Toth and Tibor won the 16th hole. The 17th was a push. Now $40 was on the line at the 533 yard, par 5 18th hole.

Noordyk tees off and absolutely crushes a drive down the center. Then Mr. Toth in geezers form waves as his ball passes by.

The second shot was crushed by Mark Evans using his 1962 Ben Logan 4 wood leaving the team a 38 foot putt for eagle 7 foot off the green.

Not to be out done, Mike Toth takes sour his 2 iron and greens it leaving a 64′ putt for eagle.

Can you believe this?

This is a money shot!

Noordyk indicates to Bill Tibor he was sinking this off the green 38 footer for eagle. This he did and Mark Evans and Todd Noordyk screamed in delight because Tibor and Toth were obviously going to be beaten.

Toth address his 64 foot pity and leaves it 8 door short. Then Tibor sets up…slowly practices 4 times like that going to help…seeks back his putter….barely follows through…and sinks the sang 64 footer.

“Crap” says Evans. ”

Whaaaaat!!!!” says Noordyk. And all 4 broke out on extreme laughter…which lasted for several minutes. Yes both teams Eagle d the 533 yard par 5 hole together. (And Yes Todd and Mark paid 20 each)

Big Money Putt

No Pressure!


Winners Payoff

Show us the money!!!!

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