Herford Steer Shines With Owner Rebecca Pirman At The Marquette County Fair

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Marquette – Saturday August 13, 2011 – “Herford cows are the best looking cows on the planet”, says owner ReBecca Pierman of Skandia. “I let him free range and eat corn and grass as he wished all summer long.”

The 4-H kids do animal projects all summer; buying, feeding, caring for, walking, training, feeding, cleaning, shearing, then it’s fair time. They are judged for showmanship and animal characteristics.

These barns are full of Steers, Sheep, Pigs, Turkeys and will be auctioned today at noon. Families come a little early and get a bidder number and bid to buy these animals. Today it’s sale time. Sunday evening, processors like Rainbow Packing stop with trailers and pick up the animals and will process them next week. In about a week of so buyers get packaged steaks, chops, ribs, hamburg and it’s so so good. WFXD supports our 4-H kids and encourage you to buy next year at the fair! It’s always Saturday at noon.

Steer at the fair Marquette

(right) Becca Pirman shows her Herford Steer. Her friend Erica Sanfoes is with Becca. He weighs 1158pds, free ranged all it's life, organic, feed from Holmquist, fed crushed corn, Steer pellets, whole corn, and grass. This means Tasty Steaks!

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