UFB?? Unidentified Flying Ball Or UFO Spotted In Ishpeming!!!!

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Ishpeming – 09/15/2011 – I’ve seen UFO’s in the movies, Close Encounters, War Of The Worlds, It Came From Outer Space. I’ve seen UFO’s in Area 51 pictures. I followed  Lost in Space (Danger, Will Robinson!!!!) growing up and all the rest of the shows and sci-fi movies.  But tonight, around 9pm, about 9 miles North of Ishpeming, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, I might have discovered a Flying Ball from outer space.

Notice the following sequence of 3 pictures I snapped on my HTC Inspire Open Source 8 mega pixel Smart Phone, and you let me know what you think this is. Rod Serling, what’s going on????

Strange Visual Sighting Ishpeming Michigan

Flying Saucer/Ball # 1









Strange Visual SIghting Ishpeming Michaigan

Flying Saucer/Ball #2









Strange Visual Sighting Ishpeming Michigan

Flying Saucer/Ball #3







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