Copy, COpy, COPY CAT – What’s Going On With The Office Copier?

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Marquette – 09/17/ 2011 – Why are copiers so inviting?  Why is it people take copies of their hands, their feet, their eyes, their forehead, and yes, I’ve even seen some blue jean butt shots thrown away in the office File 13.


Great Lakes Radio Marquette Michigan

The Obsession With Copier Art

What is it that allures us to the ole copier? Do you remember the day when copies were 25 cents each.  Back in my college days at GVSC, Grand Valley State University, in 1980, copies were a whopping 25 cents.  Now back then, a bottle of pop was just 35 cents.  So really 25 cent copies was quite expensive.  And yes, we saw all sorts of odd copies left behind into he waste basket.


You know our current Konica just isn’t up for extra copies right now.  It seems sometime I can’t even get it to do a single copy.  Of course everybody indicates that I have no copy expertise.


But really, what is this guy doing at the airport on this public copier? Hard to believe that he is checking out the machine’s bulb!!!

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