Pioneer Square Loses Its Face Brick at 7pm Thursday Evening During Revelations on Revelation

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IshpemingSeptember 29, 2011– The storm raged downtown Ishpeming as Pastor Paddy Palomaki was teaching with passion on the 4th chapter of Revelation. 20 wide eyed students of the Bible gathered with Paddy and his wife Gale at their home, while Gale type winds rushed downtown.

Hurricane Toivo tears off bricks from a downtown building and deposits them on a car

Nevertheless, Pastor Paddy was going 60 miles an hour inside and he didn’t miss a beat.

Too Bad That Car Wasn't In Front Of Symons Hardware

The 60 to 65 mph winds turned the corner and tore off several rows of bricks. A car was seriously damaged.

Ishpeming Police, EMS, and the Fire Department were on hand. Numerous do not enter tapes were added around the site. But they too let loose as a gale style breezes broke them loose too.

During this time, house lights were dimming, flickering, and blip-ping, but power held. And to the students delight, Pastor Paddy only sped up his teaching, and raised the pitch of his voice, to over come the howling of the outdoor storm.

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