NMU’s Class of 2012 Graduated Saturday

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Northern Michigan University Held Its 112th Spring Commencement May 5th

I Graduated From Northern Michigan University!! With over 800 other students I marched in with friends and we managed to end up in the right row, B-10-4. With so many people not exactally sure where to go it was a bit confusing haha.

Northern Michigan University

Walking up on stage

We listened to Ada Deer our commencement speaker, she was good. And also Youngjong Lee, our elected student speaker, he was really good!

I got my picture taken and walked across the stage accepting my empty diploma case (we get them sent to us after graduation) as I shook President Wongs hand. I smiled for the TV 13 broadcast camera as I was officially recognized as a graduate.

I also graduated magna cum laude with a 3.71 GPA. I am proud becauase it took some hard work.

If you have not graduated yet, whether from high school or college, my advise to you is: keep pushing forward. It is a lot of work and it isn’t easy, but it actually goes fast and it is worth it. Keep going, prove it to yourself that you can do it and you will not regret it.




In my seat


Spring Commencement

NMU's graduating class of 2012




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