Hudsons Double Dog Dare Challenge Defeated

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Hudsons Double Dog Dare - TravAbout 2 weeks ago some of the boys and I from the radio station went down to Hudson’s Classic Grill in Marquette to take on their new Double Dog Dare Challenge. For a few years they have done the Big Daddy Rig 2 pound burger and fries challenge, but this new one is a REAL challenge.  The Double Dog Dare Challenge is a 2-foot hot dog, about 2 inches in diameter.  The hot dog itself is 2 pounds, but once it is topped with chili, cheese, set in a french bread and served with a platter full of fries, the 3 pound eating challenge begins.hudsons-double-dog-dare-challengers

I am happy to say I completed the challenge and was the only one to do it since the challenge has been at Hudson’s.  I dare you to try it at Hudson’s Classic Grill in Marquette!hudsons-double-dog-dare-champ


Check out the hilarious video below to see us take on the challenge.

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