Suicide Hill Mud Plunge 2012

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What a muddy race!
Great Ishpeming Negaunee
Suicide Hill
The mud run
2nd annual suicide hill mud plunge
Record number for the mud run 2012
5K mud race
Suicide Hill in the Ishpeming/Negaunee area
5K adventure and kids runs
Suicide Hill
What a beautiful day for a run
Teams of 4 competed in the Suicide Hill Mud Plunge
All ages competed in the A. Lindberg and Sons Competetive run
Bell Hospital Fun Run
1K Kids Adventure
CrossFit 906 Kids Run
Getting muddy
Suicide Hill
Obstacles to run through
There were climbing walls on the course
CVCrawl mud pit
Ishpeming Fire Department
Fun obstacle races
A. Lindberg and Sons Competetive Run
Fire Fighters volunteered
The hardest obstacle in the Mud Plunge
2nd Annual Suicide Hill Mud Plunge
Quarter Pipe
Suicide Hill Mud Plunge
Challenging mud run
Quarter Pipe in Ishpeming/Negaunee
2nd annual mud run
Mud Run with obstacles
Mud racing
The slide after the Quarter Pipe at the Suicide Hill Mud Plunge 2012
A great turnout for the GINCC
Finishing the Suicide Hill Mud Plunge
Ishpeming Fire Fighters hosed off the runners
2nd annual mud run
Suicide Hill Negaunee
Mud Run
Suicide Hill Ishpeming
Suicide Hill 2nd annual Mud Plunge
4 person teams for the mud run

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