An Inspirational Idol Contestant

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American_Idol_LogoMy boyfriend and I watched American Idol last night after I finished up “The Country Scoop”…thank God for TiVo!

It was a good episode, there was no drama between Niki and Mariah! And there were some great singers!

Micah Johnson had a pretty shocking story. He got his tonsils out and they were so big that the doctor hit a nerve. Now he has a speech impairment and has to go to therapy, but by some miracle he can sing amazingly!

I have a slight horror story with my tonsillectomy as well. It was my first surgery ever and it went well. Then, 14 days later I was rushed into the hospital hemorrhaging so bad I was passing out and headed towards shock. There was a 2% chance of hemorrhaging within the first 7 days. My doctor never heard of anyone bleeding so long after the surgery. I am so happy I got my tonsils out before I heard his story otherwise I never would have!

That story hit home for me…did any grab your attention?

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