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Spring time is my favorite time of year; it’s the smells, the thought that everything is growing, everything is new and the time when my family replenishes our farm with animals!

We got 4 piglets, we’ll be getting baby chicks soon, and this year my parents picked out a couple of puppies!

Sadly, our dog, Sparkplug, went downhill fast over the winter and we had to put him down a couple months ago. He was 13 years old and 125 pounds…so he lived a long life for such a big dog! He was the best dog ever and I know most people say that about their dogs, but he really was!

He could unwrap Tootsie Frooties with his teeth, he only used the bathroom in our horse pasture, he never bit, barked annoyingly or jumped, and he knew how to pinch you just enough with his front teeth, when wrestling, to win every time!

Now, my mom and dad surprised all of us when they found Austrailian Shepard, German Shepard and Husky puppies being given away…and they chose two!

After my younger siblings called the Mural colored puppy, the camouflage one,we came up with the name Camo. We wanted names that went together, so Cash came next…which seems to fit the little black and white puppy!

We are so excited to have puppies again, but they sure have big paws to fill!


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