Orb Wins!

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Kentucky Derby 2013The 139th Annual Kentucky Derby was raced this past Saturday, May 4th!

Even though I absolutely love the Kentucky Derby, because I’ve never seen anything or anyone work harder than these horses, I do disagree with the age they are raced at. A horses bones are not fully developed until age 5, which is why you see horses break their ankles and legs during the races.

My fiance and I were at our friends college graduation party when my mom texted me and asked if I was watching. NO, I wasn’t! We asked if we could change the channel and then everyone started making their picks. I chose Mylute because of his female jocky, Rosie Napravnik. My fiance chose Normandy Invasion because it was close to his last name.

But, the guest of honor, chose Orb, because of his awkward, unorthodox name. If you haven’t heard…Orb won!

I can’t seem to find anything explaining how the colt got his name. Usually the horses have names like, Itsmyluckyday or Will Take Charge, but Orb? One syllable and no statement of confidence. It has to stand for something.

Let me know if you know and watch Orb run!

The 138th Preakness will be ran May 10th!

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