Just What Is a MAP Sensor You May Ask?

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MAP Sensor - They're only about 3"

MAP Sensor – They’re only about 3″

2/4/2014 Ishpeming, Michigan — I had no idea what a MAP Sensor was until I had a faulty MAP Sensor on my car. It all started about 6 months ago. That dreaded Check Engine light came on my dash. I immediately began to worry thinking there could be serious underlying issues. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. When I went to one of the local parts supply stores in Marquette, Michigan to use their diagnostic machine, I found out that I had a faulty MAP Sensor.

I had no idea what a MAP Sensor was. MAP stands for Absolute Manifold Pressure. What does that mean?

I asked the Cashier at the Parts Supply Store in Marquette, Michigan what a MAP Sensor was. This is basically what he told me:

The manifold absolute pressure sensor provides instantaneous manifold pressure information to the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU). The data is used to calculate air density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate, which in turn determines the required fuel metering for optimum combustion and influence the advance or retard of ignition timing.

Today, after driving around for 6 months with a faulty MAP Sensor, I replaced it myself. That’s right, after all that, I watched a video on Youtube that demonstrated how to change a MAP Sensor. It only took about 2 minutes. Whew, what a relief! I found a MAP Sensor on eBay for $19.90. Not bad.

Don’t let your MAP Sensor go if you have a faulty one. You’ll burn more gas than necessary, and it could lead to very costly repairs.

YAY, I can replace a MAP Sensor!

-Eric Scott

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