Meet Pearl, The Talking Samoyed

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Pearl - The talking Samoyed

Pearl – The talking Samoyed

3/12/2014 Marquette, Michigan — Meet Pearl – Yes, the famous talking dog! Pearl is actually my sister’s dog, but is close to the entire family. She’s a 6-year-old Samoyed from Illinois. This picture taken of Pearl is a couple years old, but she certainly hasn’t changed much. She basically looks the same, except surrounded with snow, not leaves.

My sister’s had Pearl for almost 6 years now. When my sister lived in North Carolina, she purchased Pearl from Illinois. Samoyeds are VERY clever dogs, very affectionate, and great with kids. Pearl is fantastic around my 3-year-old nephew. They get along so well, and they have a fun time playing together.

When my sister lived in North Carolina, the temperature would get over 100 degrees in the summer time. That’s not pleasant weather for a dog with a very thick coat. I think she really enjoys the colder climate in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She actually enjoys being outside when it’s 20 below!

You see, Pearl is not just any ordinary dog. When she wants something, it almost sounds like she’s talking to you! Really, true story. When she needs to go out, it sounds like she mumbles “ouuuuut” and when she’s hungry, she mumbles “fewwd” — you almost need to hear it to believe it! If you’ve ever heard me talk about Pearl during the FXD Drive, then you’re familiar with her! She’s indeed one of a kind..

-Eric Scott

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