Flying Lessons at The Marquette Regional History Center with The Sands Model Airplane Club

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Marquette, MI– 07/19/2011- The Sands Model Airplane Club teamed up with The Marquette Regional History Center Tuesday afternoon to present Flying Lessons to all age groups in the Marquette community.

Kadet Senior Electric Model Plane

Kadet Senior Electric Powered Model Plane

Tinna Harris, the Educator for The Marquette Regional History Center met Robert Lambert at the museum.  He is a member of the Sands Model Airplane Club (SMAC), a member of the Marquette community, and volunteers with the museum.

Harris said, “When you work in a museum you meet all kinda of people in the community.”

She said after talking with Mr. Lambert she learned about his love for model planes.  They decided to team up and put on this event to educate people in the community about the very basics of flying an airplane.

SMAC member Presentation

Sands Model Airplane Club member Presentation

Lambert said, “I just want to pass on my thrill for flying.  I am trying to pass on to the kids you have to walk befoe you can run, and the same thing goes for flying.  Learning about model planes gives them the idea of all the intricacies of how to fly.”

Marquette Community Members looking at Diagram

Marquette Community Members looking at Diagram

SMAC put on a presentation to educate the guests about the parts of an airplane.  Then the group demonstrated on to fly both electric and nitro/gas powered planes.  Finally, the guests were able to build their own glide plane from scratch.

The airplanes can fly indoor or outside and can be electric or powered by gas.

Lambert said, “When they learn these things

it gives them an idea of the very basic beginnings of flying an air plane.”

For more information on SMAC and their flying demonstrations you can look at their website.




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