Blueberry Season Festivities in Marquette

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Marquette, MI-07/26/2011- Blueberry picking season is my favorite time of year in Marquette.  Prime time for picking is late July into early August. Local blueberry picking spots change from year to year.  There are many places throughout the country that you can find blue berries for the next couple of weeks.

Blueberry Picking

The Beginning of my Blueberry Filled Weekend

Last night I went out to Northern Michigan University golf course with my best friend to pick enough blue berries to make a pie.  At the beginning of our adventure it was slim pickings.  A lot of the blueberry bushes had berries that still needed a few days to grow until they were ripe; but we picked them anyway.  Green berries will just be more sour, and we didn’t see that as a problem in our pie.  Two hours later we were still picking.  While taking the back trails at the golf course we ran into blueberry bush heaven.  Thick patches with nice plumb and ripe blueberries. Jackpot!

Needless to say we picked berries for another two hours.  Yes, three hours of picking blue berries seems a little much, but if you would have been there I would have to bet you would have done the same.  Free food, and fun times with the best friend made it well worth my time.

Speaking of blueberries:  The Annual Marquette Blueberry Festival is this weekend.  For a full list of details check out the Marquette City list of EVENTS.


Check out the Blueberry Festival in Marquette this weekend!

On Saturday there will be the Blue Berry Dance Festival.  Information on that can be found HERE.