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Team Marq-Tran is Road Tested and Passenger Approved!

Ride the Marq-Tran - RideMQT.com

Don't walk in the snow, rain, or under the hot summer sun - Ride with Marq-Tran. They operate 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Fixed routes run Monday through Saturday, taking you where you need to go in comfort. Door to door services run all seven days by appointment so you can get to your doctor's office on time (and avoid the hassle of having to reschedule). When you need to get somewhere, avoid sore feet and worn out shoes and leave the driving to us.

Come Ride the Marq-Tran!

Come Ride The Marq-Tran!

Save on gas and avoid the stress of road rage!  With nine fixed routes that run throughout Marquette County Monday through Saturday, door to door service seven days a week, and two deviated fixed routes, there’s no reason not to ride safe and comfortably in Marq-Tran’s clean buses.  They’ll take you where you need to […]