Another New Country Artist

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New country artists

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Well, the girls are kind of becoming out numbered, but we do love the country music to keep coming, so here’s another new artist.

He’s coming from a different world, having helped found and produced the Backstreet Boys and Art Garfunkel. However, he grew up on country and now he has a solo country album coming out.

Phoemix Stone’s new album is entitled “100 Proof Moonshine.”

“I am excited to have the video to my debut country single ‘100 Proof Moonshine’ out!” Phoenix told The Boot. “We filmed it at Guns N’ Roses’ old ranch in Malibu. It’s got everything I love in it, from muscle cars to hot girls and a whole Lotta Ole Smoky Moonshine! It was definitely a party.”



Here’s the title track from Stone’s album, 100 Proof Moonshine…