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Hi, I’m Heather. I grew up on a farm in Trenary, Michigan (where the toast comes from). Me and my family raised pigs in 4-H and made hay in the summers. My mom, my sister, and I barrel race horses and enjoy riding together through the summers. I learned how to work hard and earn what I wanted, whether it was in school or training horses and pigs.

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I’m a small town girl who went to your typical small town U.P. high school and graduated in 2008. I played basketball, volleyball, softball, I ran track and cross country, and I played in the band and sang in choir. I moved on to NMU to start a degree in Electronic Journalism. I still attended all the sporting events taking stats for NMU. I dabbled in on-air broadcasting and news and magazine writing. Right now I am doing an internship with Great Lakes Radio to complete my last few credits to graduate in May. I would love to do sports broadcasting in the future.

I am a true Yooper, born and raised here all my life. I enjoy the community, the people, and the feeling of a small town. I also love country music, dirt roads, and hunting; a perfect fit for my third shift show from 12 a.m.-3 a.m.

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