50mpg TDI VW Passat Sedan Diesel Shipped From Germany in 1996

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TDI 1996 Brought From German VW Passat Last winter

TDI 1996 Brought From German VW Passat Last winter

Marquette, Michigan –  December 10, 2013  – I have finally decided to sell my beloved Passat.

I love this car.  It is so zippy.  I mean you stomp on this 5 speed and hang on you are going back in the  seat…and you wouldn’t expect that to be the case when the car looks like a conservative 4 door Sedan.

I have not driven her in the winter.  I left her safe in the garage. However, there is snow on her now.  Last week I took my mom to Mayo Clinic in Rochester and had the Passat at a service garage to add a new battery, and to check my anti-freeze and maybe put a new thermostat.  Even though I had 2 new radiators installed last year, the heat was blowing medium warm.  So the service garage let it sit out all week before I got to take some pictures.

This vehicle has two new radiators, new brakes, new battery, new electric window motors on both front doors, new clutch, new oil-filter, new front half axles, new exhaust etc. etc.  I mean this sweet heart is ready to go, and it gets 50mpg’s so it goes a long way (968 miles) on a single fill-up.

I like 50mpg’s. This VW has been perfect car to travel from Upper Michigan to Chicago, from Marquette to St. Louis Missouri, or down state to Detroit Michigan.  I mean 18 gallons of fuel gives you 968 miles before filling up.  Have you ever tried to drive that far without making a pit stop?  Dude- I love this car.

The problem is I can’t haul my keyboards with this baby.  I play at church every month, and end up having to borrow vehicles to haul my stuff inside a warm vehicle.  I need more of an SUV style, where the seats that fold down, so I can haul the keys in a warmer car. My truck only has a capper on it and it’s too cold out der.

So I came to grips with letting her go. Since I can’t stop playing music, and need to haul,  it’s time to sacrifice this sweet TDI and let someone else enjoy her!

I have seen these cars, that are in great shape like this one, with virtually no rust or mechanical problems, in good appearance, go for $5,000 to $6,000.  Hey, they get 50mpg’s.  I will be reasonable price wise to someone who wants a good runner, and will commit to really enjoying this vehicle.  I can be reached at cell 906-361-3325 or at todd@toddnoordyk.com

p.s.  By the way, I have the computer cable so you can hook it up to your laptop and read any service codes that might come up in the future. The only code that comes up today is a sensor for the catalytic convertor. I had the service garage review this and it is a non-issue.

p.s.s  Here are all the service links for authentic & cheap parts too.  There are the original VW German parts, and the American made parts for less cash.  This is gold my friend.

1)  parts links

www.1stvwparts.com (VW dealer but at about half the cost)
www.germanautoparts.com (OEM parts, many good deals)
www.idparts.com (OEM parts, many good deals on filters kits)
http://www.hansdieselparts.com (cheap parts mostly Chinese copies)

2) www.1stvwparts.com or www.germanautoparts.com

3) www.germanautoparts.com or http://www.hansdieselparts.com

4) www.1stvwparts.com

5) www.1stvwparts.com

6) For a new headliner, You need a can 3M headliner spray from auto-parts store.

7) Temps that the car runs at:   Mine runs 160 winter, 180 spring, 190 summer with AC on. Never  runs 200 though. Froma  friend I’m still on original radiators.

8)  Since you bought the  extra cable…  Download software here



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