Smokehouse Glenn

I stopped by Smokehouse Glenn’s today to pick up some flank steak since my family is getting together to make pasties this weekend. While I was there, I had to pick up some Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky. Over the years, it’s become my household’s favorite flavor of jerky. When I first started shopping at Smokehouse Glenn’s though, one of my teenage daughters was a vegetarian.

My oldest daughter was a vegetarian for several years after reading some PETA handouts. It was always a challenge making meatless options for her in a house full of carnivores!  On one of my many trips to Northern Meats, I brought her with me. When Glenn asked if she would like to sample one of the jerky flavors, she told him, “No thank you, I don’t eat meat. I eat tofu!”

While we were all joking about how funny it was that a vegetarian was in a butcher’s shop, my daughter was checking out all the different flavors of jerky. “Hey mom, this Mesquite Jerky looks good.” Hmmm. I wound up leaving the store with some of  Glenn’s awesome shish kebabs to throw on the grill and about four different flavors of jerky, including the Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky.

On the ride home, my “vegetarian” daughter asked to try the turkey jerky. I asked her if she was sure, since she was a vegetarian and she said, “Everything smelled so good in there, my stomach was growling so much! Besides, it’s white meat… it doesn’t really count.” She was no longer a vegetarian. If I had known all I had to do was take her to Smokehouse Glenn’s to get her to start eating meat again, I would have done it years earlier!

My family likes to take day trips around our beautiful U.P. and before we leave on any little road trip, we stop at Smokehouse Glenn’s to pick up some jerky. There’s always a great selection to choose from so everyone is happy. You know, I bet they’d make a great snack out in the deer blind, too! You can also check out the savings at UP Bargains and grab a certificate for Glenn’s Smokehouse.

Smokehouse Glenn’s — where the jerky is so good, it can change a vegetarian’s mind.

We always pick up jerky from Glenn before we go on a road trip.