Saturday, July 4, 2020

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What A Life

Marquette, MI - June 22, 2020 - The Covid-19 Stay Home Stay Safe approach has worked in the state of Michigan, but it has...

Strange Looking Golfer

Marquette, MI - May 29, 2020 - If you have spent time on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic social distancing period, I am...

An Hour with Jim Nantz

Marquette, MI - April 28, 2020 - As you may know, my duties range beyond "On the Job" from 10am-3pm here of WFXD. I...

A Week At Home

Marquette, MI - March 30, 2020 - Last week probably felt surreal for just about all of us. We are living in unprecedented times, and...

Support Local Business!

Marquette, MI - March 23, 2020 - It is weird times that we live in. Something that once seemed normal, now seems so distant. But...

More Time For Hobbies

Marquette, MI - March 20, 2020 - The social distancing is ramping up. If you have listened this week you know I have been...

A New Studio…For Now

Marquette, MI - March 18, 2020 - If you listened in yesterday you know that I have a new studio for now and it is...

An Interesting Morning

Marquette, MI - March 13, 2020 - This Friday morning did not start the way I had hoped or planned.My girlfriend is up about...

Life on the Road

Marquette, MI - March 12, 2020 - It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. Last week I was on the road...

Dreaming of this Steak

Marquette, MI - February 28, 2020 - It was my birthday last Friday, the 21st. So of course you have to celebrate a whole...