The Country Showdown Rocked at the Marquette Township Community Days

Whether a you were a fan or performer, the Country Showdown at the Marquette Township Community Days was a blast! Our panel of judges, featuring Miss Teen UP Brooke Brauer, witnessed some fantastic local talent! After tallying their scores, the judges announced that two contestants would be heading down to the state finals! Kaitlyn Kachmarsky […]

Learning About Livestock – Pig-A-Palooza 2014

July 1, 2014 – Marquette, MI – Welcome to Pig-A-Palooza. Held at the Marquette County Fairgrounds, the expo is open to youth between the ages of 9 and 19 and runs for three days. Listening to presentations by livestock health and show specialists, the kids picked up quick tips on keeping their livestock healthy and […]

Cuts and Bruises – Ouch!

I never thought giving my horse a bath would be so painful! When my horse pushed himself against a wall to avoid getting his feet wet, I just laughed. Suddenly alarmed, my horse lunged forward. I felt the sting beside my eye, but it faded quickly and I forgot about it, focusing instead on the […]

You Caught the Vision in Marquette Township with the Car Show & Cruise

6/21/2014 Marquette Township, Michigan — The Applebee’s Parking Lot in Marquette Township was filled this afternoon with Vintage Hot Rods, Model A’s and all the classics from the early days! It was all part of the “Catch the Vision Car Show & Cruise” that is held annually in Marquette Township. So many folks from across […]

I’m Missing Out on a Tradition!

June 19th 2014, Marquette, MI – What’s the big deal about a fish fry? It’s just a basket of fish, right? Well, I really can’t be a judge. While passing by the Crossroads Bar and Grill yesterday, I realized I had never eaten at a Friday fish fry. Now this would have been enough of […]

Swarmed by Mosquitoes!

6-18-14 Marquette, MI – Even on the windiest of days, these agitators are ever present. Swarms of over 100 mosquitoes circled like a school of sardines, blocking my path. After readjusting my ear buds, I felt a strange buzzing in my ear. Shaking my head sideways, I concluded that a mosquito had slipped into my […]

Marquette County Fairgrounds Hosts an Open House!

June 4th 2014, Marquette – The Marquette County Fairgrounds held their first annual open house to showcase the variety of events held at the Fairgrounds. Inside the fairgrounds, attendees could take part in a scavenger hunt while munching on the buffet. In a stroke of luck, my name was drawn for a door prize! Unfortunately, […]

All for a Cartridge of Ink

Biking to Shopko for ink seemed like a quick and easy task. In fact, the bike to Shopko took less than 10 minutes! I walked quickly towards the doors as it was starting to get dark. Actually, I walked right into the automatic doors. As it turned out, Shopko had closed merely a half hour […]

A Trip to the Wild Side

While cruising around on my bike, I spotted a new trail that sparked my curiosity. With a few minutes to spare, I decided to explore. Ah –  peace, quite and a massage chair? Ignoring this peculiarity for a while, I continued until I ran into a bedraggled wooden bunny. Instead of confronting the creepy bunny […]