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Hooray for Garth Brooks!


Who has two thumbs and loves Garth Brooks? This girl!

I’ll admit it. I once had a cardboard stand up of Garth in my room. And, I do own every album he released.

I’ve been a Garth fan since his first record in 1989. I remember the first time I heard his music. My parents had just gotten back from seeing him at the Hodag. (They had previously seen him open for the Judd’s Farewell Tour in Detroit.) They put his cassette into the player and the distant rumbles of thunder resonated in the speakers. Now, mind you, it was a cloudy night, and as if on cue, my brother, mom, dad, and I all started looking through the car windows looking for the storm. Of course, there was no storm. It was just the intro to one of his most popular songs, “The Thunder Rolls.”

Now, yes, Garth got a little eccentric with the whole Chris Gaines thing that he tried to pull off. And quite honestly, he pulled it off. He had 5 singles that made it on to the charts from his brief stint with his alter-ego. It was an attempt to venture into the rock era and break away from the country side of things that we all had grown to enjoy.

Garth’s list of accomplishments include 128 million albums sold, 11 CMA awards, 2 Grammy awards, and his designation as Artist of the Decade (1990s) by the ACM. He decided to ‘retire’ in 2000, but still continues to make concert dates and holds a regular performing spot at the Encore Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas a few weeks each year.

The announcement was made today that Garth Brooks, along with Hargus “Pig” Robbins and Connie Smith, will be the newest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Garth told those in attendance, “This is a day of joy and a day of honor. I still can’t believe it.” He also acknowledged feeling guilty of being inducted before some of his influences like Randy Travis and the late Keith Whitley. He went on to say, “There are so many deserving artists that came before me who are yet to be inducted. I am astounded and honored to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame.”

Garth Brooks



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