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This Good Girl Is Loving Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood's Dual Personalities

Carrie Underwood is making waves with her latest single, “Good Girl,” off her 4th album called “Blown Away.”  It’s a rockin’ song with a message for the girl who thinks she’s got the best man in the world, even though her friends are telling her to wake up! As Carrie explains, “Wake up, open up your eyes and see what this guy for what he is.”

The first verse opens with:

Hey, good girl

With your head in the clouds

I bet you I can tell you

What you’re thinkin’ about

You’ll see a good boy

Gonna give you the world

But he’s gonna leave you cryin’

With you heart in the dirt

Carrie is no stranger to fashion. After seeing her in concert at the Marcus Ampitheater and seeing the various costumes for the stage, she has a group of designers that know how to dazzle the crowd. In the video, the dual personalities really shine with the “good” Carrie dressed in muted tones of peach, pink, and white representing the girl who thinks she has the best man in the world, even though he’s probably filling her head with garbage. Enter the “dark” Carrie clad in black, leather, and some of the most stunning shoes this girl has laid eyes on. The more experienced Carrie is just trying to get the message across that this boy is no good… “His lips are dripping honey, But he’ll sting you like a bee…”  Catch the video HERE.

From what I’m reading, her latest CD is full of attitude and songs with a pretty decent beat. The new album is set to be released on May 1st. You better believe this girl will have it in her iTunes collection… Now, about those shoes…

Carrie's shoes.... Yum!



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